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A stock trader or equity trader or share trader is a person or company involved in trading equity securities and attempting to profit from the purchase and sale of those securities. Stock traders may be an investor, agent, hedger, arbitrageur, speculator, or stockbroker.Such equity trading in large publicly traded companies may be through a stock exchange..

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A treasury stock or reacquired stock is stock which is bought back by the issuing company, reducing the amount of outstanding stock on the open market ("open market" including insiders' holdings).. Stock repurchases are used as a tax efficient method to put cash into shareholders' hands, rather than paying dividends, in jurisdictions that treat capital gains more favorably..

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Joseph de la Vega, also known as Joseph Penso de la Vega and by other variations of his name, was an Amsterdam trader from a Spanish Jewish family and a prolific writer as well as a successful businessman in 17th-century Amsterdam.His 1688 book Confusion of Confusions explained the workings of the city's stock market.It was the earliest book about stock trading ....

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Duties and types. Traders buy and sell financial instruments traded in the stock markets, derivatives markets and commodity markets, comprising the stock exchanges, derivatives exchanges, and the commodities exchanges.Several categories and designations for diverse kinds of traders are found in finance, including: . Scalping trader.

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A stock derivative is any financial instrument for which the underlying asset is the price of an equity. Futures and options are the main types of derivatives on stocks. The underlying security may be a stock index or an individual firm's stock, e.g. single-stock futures.. Stock futures are contracts where the buyer is long, i.e., takes on the obligation to buy on the contract maturity ....

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Knight lost over $460 million from its trading errors in August 2012 that caused disturbance in the U.S. stock market. In September 2014, HFT firm Latour Trading LLC agreed to pay a SEC penalty of $16 million. Latour is a subsidiary of New York-based high-frequency trader Tower Research Capital LLC. According to the SEC's order, for at least ....

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The Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) (Persian: ???? ????? ?????? ?????, romanized: Burs-e Owraq-e Bahadar-e Tehran) is Iran's largest stock exchange, which first opened in 1967. The TSE is based in Tehran.As of May 2012, 339 companies with a combined market capitalization of US$104.21 billion were listed on TSE. TSE, which is a founding member of the Federation of ....

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In finance, volatility (usually denoted by ?) is the degree of variation of a trading price series over time, usually measured by the standard deviation of logarithmic returns.. Historic volatility measures a time series of past market prices. Implied volatility looks forward in time, being derived from the market price of a market-traded derivative (in particular, an option)..

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In modern portfolio theory, the efficient frontier (or portfolio frontier) is an investment portfolio which occupies the "efficient" parts of the risk-return spectrum.Formally, it is the set of portfolios which satisfy the condition that no other portfolio exists with a higher expected return but with the same standard deviation of return (i.e., the risk)..

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The Class B stock carries 1/10,000th of the voting rights of the Class A stock, but 1/1,500th of the dividend. Takeover. Non-voting stock may also thwart hostile takeover attempts. If the founders of a company maintain all of the voting stock and only sell non-voting stock to the public, takeover attempts are unlikely..

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A bolsa de valores e o mercado organizado onde se negociam acoes de sociedades de capital aberto (publicas ou privadas) e outros valores mobiliarios, tais como as opcoes. [1]Pode ser organizada na forma de uma sociedade civil sem fins lucrativos, que mantem o local ou o sistema de negociacao eletronico adequado a acao de transacoes de compra e venda de titulos e ....

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Arbitrage. Scalping, in the arbitrage sense, is a type of trading in which traders try to open and close positions in very short periods of time in markets such as foreign exchange and securities with the aim of making a small profit from the trades.. How scalping works. Scalping is the shortest time frame in trading and it exploits small changes in currency prices..

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London Stock Exchange (LSE) is a stock exchange in the City of London, England, United Kingdom.As of November 2021, the total market value of all companies trading on LSE was GBP3.9 trillion. Its current premises are situated in Paternoster Square close to St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London.Since 2007, it has been part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG, ....

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Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) is an American multinational brokerage firm.It operates the largest electronic trading platform in the U.S. by number of daily average revenue trades.The company brokers stocks, options, futures, EFPs, futures options, forex, bonds, and funds.. The company is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and has offices in four cities..

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Trade involves the transfer of goods and services from one person or entity to another, often in exchange for money. Economists refer to a system or network that allows trade as a market.. An early form of trade, barter, saw the direct exchange of goods and services for other goods and services. [need quotation to verify] Barter involves trading things without the use of money..

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The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable is a 2007 book by author and former options trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb.The book focuses on the extreme impact of rare and unpredictable outlier events--and the human tendency to find simplistic explanations for these events, retrospectively. Taleb calls this the Black Swan theory.. The book covers subjects ....

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Ohio (/ o? ' h aI o? / ()) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States.Of the fifty U.S. states, it is the 34th-largest by area, and with a population of nearly 11.8 million, is the seventh-most populous and tenth-most densely populated.The state's capital and largest city is Columbus, with the Columbus metro area, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Cleveland being the largest ....

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Quantitative analysis is the use of mathematical and statistical methods in finance and investment management.Those working in the field are quantitative analysts (quants).Quants tend to specialize in specific areas which may include derivative structuring or pricing, risk management, algorithmic trading and investment management.The occupation is similar to those in industrial ....