How To Use The Exam Packs

If you plan on sitting a scholarship or select entry exam, it is important to be prepared. Just like an Olympic athlete needs to train for several years before her big race or a musician needs to rehearse for countless hours before his big performance, you will need to be dedicated to solid practice if you are to perform optimally on exam day.

Unfortunately many people underestimate how competitive select entry and scholarship exams are, and don’t leave themselves with enough time to prepare adequately for the exam.

Most exams require you to complete the following sections:

  • One or two fully thought out and high quality written essays which you will need to complete in just 15 – 25 minutes
  • A reading comprehension test which contains up to 50 questions to be completed in just 30 minutes
  • A mathematics test which contains 30 – 60 questions to be completed in approximately 30 minutes

There may also be some reasoning exams such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning, depending on the specific test you will be sitting.

Download the blank answer sheets below:


Often, the content will test material one or several years above your existing year level and the last thing you want is to be seeing questions for the first time on the actual test. You want to have a strategy and be familiar with as many types of questions possible to give you the best chance of answering as many questions correctly in the very limited timeframe.

Our advanced exam packages will give you three attempts at a full length exam with full worked solutions for each question. We recommend that as you move through the sets that you reduce the time to complete each test. By the time you reach the last set, you would have learnt many of the concepts necessary for you to feel more confident heading into the exam room.

How to use the exam packs

Step 1: Give yourself double the recommended time to work through each section e.g. if the recommended time is 30 minutes, give yourself 1 hour (or however long it takes you) to complete the first exam. The first set of exams should be used to learn the skills, become familiar with the types of questions likely to appear on the test, and build up your knowledge base.

Step 2: After completing each exam in the set, correct using the included worked solutions. If you answer any questions incorrectly, go through each step and understand how to do the question for next time. Redo the question in a separate mistakes book (which can be any exercise or notebook).

Step 3: Once you have gone through this process with each exam paper in the first set, start on the second set. This time just give yourself an extra 15 minutes above the recommended time frame. Repeat step 2 for the second set of exams.

Step 4: Before you begin the final set, you should be quite familiar with the types of questions which may appear on the exam. Give yourself a strict time limit to complete each test and compare your performance from the first set to the last set.

Remember to use the answer sheet provided so the experience is as authentic as possible to the actual exam.


Good luck with your exam preparation!

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