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Is your child entering their VCE years at school? Ever wanted to help them improve their efficiency as a learner? Then this is the digital book for you. It contains a simple 7 day plan to help them get their learning skills up to scratch before they enter the most pivotal years of schooling.

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This book contains a simple 7 day plan to help your child improve their study skills in preparation for their VCE years at school. So if you’re concerned about your child’s study habits and want to make sure they get the most out of their VCE years this is the book for you! [HR]

Who is the Study Skills book aimed at?

This digital book is designed for students entering their final years of high school (year 11 and 12) who are looking to improve the way they learn. Further, it provides a great way to learn new actionable techniques that the average student can apply to their study regimen to improve the efficiency of their learning.

To make it super easy to follow the book is set out as a simple 7 day program that anyone can implement.

What is this book about?

Does your child ever procrastinate because they don’t know what they should be doing next? Do they ever wish they knew how to use their time more effectively during a study session?

If this sounds familiar, our study skills book is for you. Over the years we’ve spoken to hundreds of very bright students who have simply not been performing to their full potential. After a detailed discussion with them, we often find that it is not an intelligence or aptitude issue that is holding them back but a lack of knowledge of HOW to actually study.

We believe that the secret to success at school is organisation. In fact, most of the time it is those who know HOW to study that succeeded not those who are “smart”. The art of learning is something that many schools don’t teach their students – the reality is there that there is usually little time to learn how to improve your skills in a hectic school week. However, learning these skills can help students prepare for the complex and often intimidating final years of schools. This is where this digital book shines – it provides the skills that aren’t usually highlighted at school.

Why you should buy this book

Every student can do with a little help when it comes to improving their study techniques. In some instances, it can be the edge that they need to get the ATAR they have dreamed about for years.

If you feel you could do with a little extra assistance with your study technique this is the book for you.

1 review for Study Skills

  1. Alan Tsen

    //Editor’s Review//

    The study skills book presents some very helpful techniques for students who are looking to sharpen their study techniques in preparation for their VCE years. Presented in a very simple and easy to read format this digital book offers students a way to improve how they study but it also provides them with actionable ways to get started today.

    Another part of this digital book that many students will find useful is the chapter on the ATAR and how it is calculated. Unfortunately, many students enter their VCE years at school without knowing how the ATAR operates and due to this make a number of simple (and avoidable mistakes). This digital books helps ensure that you don’t get caught out when it comes to your ATAR!

    Overall, many students will find this book a great help and also a quick read!

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